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1999. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, 25: 53-71. Copyright © 1999 Goodrich and Springer.


The known Nebraska fauna of the family Erotylidae is composed of 13 species included within five genera. The species are: Dacne quadrimaculata (Say), Megalodacne fasciata (Fabricius), Ischyrus q. quadripunctatus (Olivier), Triplax californica antica LeConte, Triplax flavicollis Lacordaire, Triplax frontalis Horn, Triplax frosti Casey, Triplax thoracica Say, Tritoma angulata Say, Tritoma biguttata affinis Lacordaire, Tritoma humeralis Fabricius, Tritoma pulchra Say and Tritoma sanguinipennis (Say). Six other species not yet recorded from Nebraska, but which may occur in the state, are included in the key and species descriptions.

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