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1997. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, 24: 5-26. Copyright © 1997 Rolfsmeier and Wilson.


Keys and distributional maps are provided for the 71 species and one hybrid of Carex and single species of Scleria documented for Nebraska. Six species-Carex albursina, C. melanostachya, C. mesochorea, C. umbellata, C. utriculata, and Scleria triglomerata-and a hybrid-Carex laeviconica x C. trichocarpa-are newly reported for the State, while eight species attributed to the State in the Flora of the Great Plains (Great Plains Flora Association 1986) are deleted-C. crinita, C. festucacea, C. haydenii, C. muehlenbergii var. enervis, C. normalis, C. siccata (as C. foenea), C. stricta, and C. trichocarpa-based on re-identifications or on specimens of doubtful provenance in the State. Notes on local systematic problems within the genera are also included.

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