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1995. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, 22: 1-11. Copyright © 1995 Hesse.


Mean column velocity in the filling bank of the channelized Missouri River reached a maximum of 0.875 m/s. In these locations nose velocity was 30% less. Increased volume discharge did not result in increased velocity in the filling bank locations studied. Surface velocity did not exceed 0.5 m/s within the first 3 m from the cutting bank at two locations along the channelized Missouri River near Nebraska City and Tekamah, Nebraska. Within column velocity at the Nebraska City site was typically higher than velocity near the surface and nearer the bottom. However, at the Tekamah site surface velocity was frequently higher than ether mid-column or near-bottom velocity. Velocity preferences for native Missouri River fish species were usually much higher than those observed within the filling bank locations and within a quite wide margin along the cutting bank.

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