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The Prairie Naturalist, Vol. 50, Issue 2, December 2018


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The abstract should be written upon completion of the paper. A well-written abstract is a single short (≤1 line/page of text), concise, and includes 1) an introductory sentence justifying why the study was conducted, 2) a statement of the principal objectives or hypotheses tested during the study, 3) a brief description of pertinent methods, 4) a summary of significant results, 5) a punchy conclusion, and 6) management implications (i.e., utility of results explaining how, when, where, and by whom data or interpretations can be applied; Krausman and Cox 2017). Keep in mind that abstracts are read more than authors than papers, so should be informative and to the point. Emphasize what is most important to readers (i.e., translation of your results) rather than providing futuristic statements of research needs (Krausman and Cox 2017).