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The Prairie Naturalist· 42(3/4): December 2010, pp 76-79


Preparation of scientific manuscripts and use and presentation of statistics have been topics of several commentaries from previous journal Editors-in-Chief, and have been submitted as invited papers, so I would like to share my perspective as the current Editor-in-Chief (Editor) of The Prairie Naturalist (Journal). Because there is not complete consensus among the experts about when hypothesis testing versus information theoretic methods, or Bayesian versus frequentist methods are suitable, previous Editors have avoided presenting their perspectives (Thompson 2010). I also will avoid presenting my perspective as Editor. I will, however, present my perspective on several of these approaches and then offer some guidelines for presenting results of some commonly used statistical methods in the Journal. Further, I will also highlight several recurring issues related to improper manuscript formatting that I continue to encounter and then provide several potential solutions to minimize future occurrences and in tum, expedite the peer-review process.