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The first 50 years of the Prairie Naturalist reside on the shelves of libraries and personal collections. The articles and notes published over those years provide invaluable knowledge about Great Plains biota, communities, conservation, and landscape ecologies. Awareness of the wealth of information in those 50 print volumes has been limited, relying on references from other published papers or the limited number of articles that have been made available online by authors. This index serves as resource for individuals to digitally tap into the information published since 1994. This index, together with the first 25-year index, serves to complement the growing number of Prairie Naturalist volumes that are being available online at the University of Nebraska’s Digital Commons ( This index to the Prairie Naturalist is the third to be completed. The first, covering the first 10 volumes was compiled by Virginia Steinhaus. That material was incorporated by editor Dr. Paul Kannowski into the second index that covered the first 25 years of the Prairie Naturalist (1969-1993). That index is available online as a searchable PDF at the University of Nebraska’s Digital Commons under 1997, the year it was published ( This index covers the second 25 years, 1994–2018. Along with regular articles, notes, and book reviews, it also includes two special issues: Lesser Prairie Chickens (2000, 32[3]) and the Proceedings of the 23rd North American Prairie Conference (2014, 42[Special Issue]). Journal editors during 1994–2018 include Dr. Paul Kannowski (1969–1995), Dr. Elmer Finck (1996–2009), and Dr. Christopher Jacques (2009–2018). The journal is a product of the Great Plains Natural Science Society, formerly the North Dakota Natural Science Society. The society’s name was changed in 2004 to better reflect the greater breadth of regional interests and journal content. The structure used here follows that established in the first 25-year index, with some modifications. The Author Index provides full citations for articles, notes, book reviews, and editorials; the end of that section includes Corrections, cross-referenced to the original paper. The following sections provide shorter citations (author, year, volume:pages) for readers to refer back to the Author Index. Books Reviewed are listed by book author, year, and book title, with a short citation to the book review in the Author Index. The Subject Index was developed using key words and additional information representative of papers’ content. Some decisions to include additional subject words were subjective but always focused on core findings and study objectives. Locations included in the Geographic Index represent the location of actual field work or findings. The Taxonomic Index includes scientific and common names of taxa studied. One of the challenges in compiling this section was the changes in taxonomy since the papers were published. A cross-reference is provided from the original taxonomy to the current taxonomy, as determined in January 2022 with online authorities, to the best of my ability using information in the original article. I have benefited from the contributions of various individuals during the development of this index. Larry Igl provided constructive comments during development and final drafts. I appreciate the assistance of several individuals who reviewed the Taxonomic Index sections or provided valuable guidance: Andre DeLorme (invertebrates), Keith Geluso (amphibians, reptiles, mammals), David Lambeth (birds), and Steve Chipps (fishes).