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THE PRAIRIE NATURALIST Volume 37, No.3 September 2005


The Prairie Naturalist (September 2006) 37(3)

Great Plains Natural Science Society

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Landscape Compostiona and Greater Prairie Chicken Lek Attendance: Implications for Management by N. D. Niemuth

Helminthic Parasites in Ring-necked Pheasant from Southwestern Kansas by R. J. Robel, T. L. Walker, Jr., R. K. Ridley, K. E. Kemp, and R. D. Applegate

Seasonal Migration and Home Ranges of Female Elk in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming by L. Benkobi, M. A. Rumble, C. H. Stubblefield, R. S. Garno, and J. J. Millspaugh

Ring-necked Pheasant Survive with Broken Wings by R. D. Applegate and L. Scott

First Nebraska Nest Record for Henslow's Sparrow by D. H. Kim

RangeE Extension of the Southern Redbelly Dace into South Dakota by D. J. Springman and R. L. Banks

Book reviews:

A Guide to Prairie Plants by C. Helzer

The Plight of Amphibians by B. E. Smith