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The Prairie Naturalist 48(2). December 2016

Editor’s Note.


Published by the Great Plains Natural Science Society, 2016. Used by permission.


By now it is obvious to most of our members and authors that The Prairie Naturalist (TPN) has experienced some delays in conducting journal-related business over the past few months. Publication of the June 2016 issue was slightly delayed and the December 2016 was mailed much later than planned. So I wanted to update our members on the current status, and other aspects, of TPN. As most of you know, when I transitioned into the Editorship of TPN, one of my first orders of business was to secure a new publication venue for the journal. Fortunately, the Department of Natural Resource Management (DNRM; formerly Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences) at South Dakota State University (SDSU) offered to host the GPNSS website and serve as the hub of day-to-day operations for TPN. However, we received word during summer 2016 that concurrent with ongoing departmental transitions at SDSU, hosting of the GPNSS website was no longer being supported (as evidenced by the “broken links” that many of you inquired about via email or phone conversations). These delays also partly track back to the fact that negotiations between GPNSS and DNRM to obtain access to journal and society-related information took longer than anticipated, so we got a late start on publishing recent TPN issues.