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Book Review


The Prairie Naturalist 48: 112. December 2016


Published by the Great Plains Natural Science Society, 2016. Used by permission.


The Birds of Montana is an impressive-looking tome, that includes 659 pages, 155 color range maps, 73 illustrations of species, and 16 color photos of Montana’s habitats. Upon the first bend of the binding, the reader will quickly realize the impressive depth of detail and research that went into writing and completing this book. Although Montana is the fourth largest state, one of the least populated states, and has few “binoculars on the ground,” the state has a fascinating and extensive ornithological history. The Birds of Montana is not a field guide, but rather it is an astonishingly comprehensive reference of Montana’s rich ornithological history that includes a compilation and review of countless bird records and approximately 2,000 cited references. After a quick skim through the text, it becomes apparent that the authors have set a new benchmark for this type of ornithological review. ...

The Birds of Montana is an incredible compilation of information on Montana’s birds and extensive ornithological history. I enjoyed reading the introductory chapters and many species accounts, and I was never disappointed in the book’s ease of use or the quality of its content. The book will become an essential resource for professionals and birders of all experience levels with an interest in Montana’s avifauna. I recommend this book to everyone who has an interest in the birds of Montana and to those who have only a general interest in birds.