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Friends of the Larsen Tractor Museum

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Newsletters distributed to supporters of the Larsen Tractor Museum.

1998 Spring Newsletter 1 - Non-profit Status, Dedication of Museum, Nebraska Tractor Test Law Beginnings

1998 Winter Newsletter 2 - First Annual Meeting, Library Established, State Fair Report, Winnepeg Plowing Contests

1999 Spring Newsletter 3 - Nebraska State Museum Affiliation, Fundraising Goals, Fuel Saving Devices in the 1920s

1999 Fall Newsletter 4 - Museum Studies Luis Vasquez, Tractor Raffle, Renovation Goals, Fundraising Goals, Annalyzing Tractor Test Results

1999 Winter Newsletter 5 - Mission Statement, Logo and Letterhead, Tractor Storage Facility, Bylaw Amendments, Hand Tool History, The Davidson Traction Dynamometer

2000 Spring Newsletter 6 - Lester F. Larsen Memorial, Antique Hand Tool Exhibit, Fordson F Tractor Facts

2000 Fall Newsletter 7 - Informational Brochure, Books Available for Sale, Machinery and Farm Motors 1908 Book Summary

2000 Winter Newsletter 8 - Tractor Raffle Update, 2001 Officer Nominations, New Doors, Behlen Building Acquisition, John Deere M Donated, Vasquez Moving On, $1 Million Goal for Endowment Base, First and Bests of Tractor Tests

2001 Spring Newsletter 9 - Acquisition of Minneapolis Ford Tractor, Brian Mancuso on Board, Earl Ellington Friends President, The Mystery of the Minneapolis Ford B

2001 Fal Newsletter 10 - Secretary Hired in Judy Ray, Self-Guided Museum Tour, The Early German Tractor Industry

2001 Winter Newsletter 11 - Brian Mancuso to Leave, Tractor Exhibit Report, Report from Mark Nickolaus

2002 Spring Newsletter 12 - Nickolaus Honorary Membership, New Test Car for Laboratory, Display Update, Who Made the First Steel Plow?

2002 Fall Newsletter 13 - Russ Tooker Replaces Father on Board, Nebraska Ag Shows, Yunji Kim to Help Out, Garage Area Improvements, Restoration Clinics, True Stories from the Past

2002 Winter Newsletter 14 - Hand Tool Room Report, Diary Entry of Les Larsen, Donors Recognized

2003 Spring Newsletter 15 - Legislative Bill Threatens Nebraska Test, Museum Studies in the Line of Fire, Wisdom From 1910 - 1930

2003 Fall Newsletter 16 - State Museum Receives New Director, Behlen Building Plans, Luis Vasquez Returns, Books and Videos Forsale

2003 Winter Newsletter 17 - Milestones In Tractor Development, Conservation Assessment, Mitchell's Tractor Testing Experiences, Volunteer Mark Nickolaus Highlighted, Phil's Stained Glass

2004 Spring Newsletter 18 - New Display at Morril Hall, Grant Applications, Tractor Testing Experiences of Stan Liedtke, Donna Martin Introduced, Phil Dinges Highlighted as Volunteer

2004 Fall Newsletter 19 - Summer Events of 2004, Amanda Ray Replaces Luis Vasquez, Moline Universal Donated, Request for Volunteers

2004 Winter Newsletter 20 - New Website for Museum, Donna Martin in as Associate, Andrea Carter Highlighted, Benefits From Tractor Tests

2005 Spring Newsletter 21 - Auto Wagon Donated, Highlighting Larry Ehlers, Dedication of Archives

2005 Summer Newsletter 22 - Summer Show Schedule, Jeremy Steele Begins Volunteering, Russ Tooker Highlighted, Cushman Collector Jim Brown

2005 Fall Newsletter 23 - Letter From Fred Chase, Highlighting Jerry Kohl Museum Volunteer, Curt McConnell Designs Display Area, Jeremy Steele Joins as Associate, The Luebben Baler

2005 Winter Newsletter 24 - College of Agriculture 1926, Garage Area Converted to Display, Digital Archives Introduced, Roto-Baler

2005 Spring Newsletter 25 - Bob Kleis' Avery Ro-Trak, Ward Tractor Company, Moline Universal is Running

2006 Summer Newsletter 26 - Tractor Troop in Iraq, $86,000 Donation, Testing Before the Nebraska Tractor Test, Father of Nebraska's Test Law Explains It, Youth Newsletter Introduced, Passport Program Introduced, Web Site for Friends Considered, Modeling John Deere Collectors Center

2006 Fall Newsletter 27 - Gets Color, Power Tested by Canadian Friend, 2006 Nebraska State Fair, HVAC System Pursued, Case Model LA Diesel Conversion, Friends President Build It They Will Come, Jeremy Steele Encourages Vision Museum of Agricultural Technology, Luebben Hay Baler, Membership Meeting Held, Museum Gift Ideas

2006 Winter Newsletter 28 - Established, Restoration Club Established, Goal Set for Recognition of Donors, Tractor Drawing Contest for Youth, Dues Up From $10 to $15, Tractorpedia Introduced, HVAC System Installed, S.H.A.R.E Projects Introduced

2007 Spring Newsletter 29 - Images From the Archives, Request for Input From Friends, Behlen Building Renovation Complete, Membership Patterns, First Quarter Report, Moline Universal, Images of Wooden Tractors

2007 Summer Newsletter 30 - Test Track to be Repaced, 100 Tractor Goal for 2007 State Fair, Rumely Oil-Pull Donated, 100 Year Celebration of ASABE, New Finds Among the Museum's Old Stuff, Looking Back at the Track, Friends Featured, Report from New Lab Director Roger Hoy

2007 Fall Newsletter 31 - New Test Track Dedicated, Museum Repositioned Under Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Jeremy Steele Accepts Permanent Position, Review of 2007 State Fair, Donations of Minneapolis Moline and an IH Cutaway Engine, Tractor Restoration Shop Displayed, Tractor From America's Last Homesteader, Rollover Protective Structures, Focus Areas for the Museum Recognized, Museum Gifts, Images of Recent Testing

2008 Winter Newsletter 32 - Report from Director Bill Splinter, Looking Back 10 Years. New Directors Equipped. Images from 2007. The Glasgow Tractor. One Tractor, Many Parts. Tractor Restoration Program Wish List

2008 Spring 2008 Newsletter 33 - Open House, 10 Year Celebration, 2008 John Deere Testing, Questionnaire Results3 Board Meeting, Mark and the Mouser, Tool Donation, Claude Shedd - First Test Engineer in Charge, Cheating Tractor Companies.

2008 Summer Newsletter 34 - 2008 Nebraska State Fair Registration, Open House Review, Board Meeting, RFD-TV, Nebraska Life, Flanagin's Fighting Tractor, Tractor Restoration Club, Shop Improvement Plans

2008 Fall Newsletter 35 - Museum Awarded HELP, Display Boards Complete, New Shop Items, New Computers

2008 Winter Newsletter 36 - Dave Mowitz Featured at Annual Meeting, Special Resolution of Bylaws, 2009 Restoration Project, New Mission Statement

2009 Spring Newsletter 37 - Advantage, Plow History, Open House Registration

2009 Summer Newsletter 38 - State Fair, Super Fair Registration, Ford 8N Boomer, Restoration Project Progress

2009 Fall Newsletter 39 - Industrial Arts, building and exhibit improvements, Co-Op Project

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