Tractor Test and Power Museum, The Lester F. Larsen


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Larsen Tractor Museum 2009 Restoration Project

DSC_0320.jpg (411 kB)
right side hood

DSC_0321.jpg (467 kB)
Left side hood

DSC_0322.jpg (225 kB)

DSC_0323.jpg (415 kB)

DSC_0324.jpg (372 kB)

DSC_0325.jpg (347 kB)
left headlight

DSC_0326.jpg (311 kB)
right headlight

DSC_0327.jpg (462 kB)
right side engine with hood off

DSC_0328.jpg (488 kB)
left side engine hood off

DSC_0329.jpg (313 kB)

DSC_0330.jpg (279 kB)
water outlet from thermostate casting

DSC_0332.jpg (347 kB)
water outlet and hose clamp

DSC_0333.jpg (423 kB)
airline to carburetor

DSC_0342.jpg (389 kB)

DSC_0335.jpg (338 kB)
thermostat casting

DSC_0336.jpg (309 kB)
thermostat casting

DSC_0337.jpg (334 kB)
thermostat casting

DSC_0338.jpg (431 kB)
exhaust manifold

DSC_0339.jpg (429 kB)
exhaust manifold

DSC_0341.jpg (362 kB)
manifold off

DSC_0343.jpg (338 kB)
manifold off with carburetor

DSC_0344.jpg (350 kB)
thermostat casting with water outlet

DSC_0345.jpg (273 kB)
thermostat casting with water inlet pipe

DSC_0346.jpg (273 kB)
Cooling system water inlet pipe

DSC_0347.jpg (344 kB)
cooling system water inlet pipe and gasket removed from engine

DSC_0348.jpg (323 kB)
valve cover

DSC_0349.jpg (366 kB)
valve cover removed with nylon gasket

DSC_0350.jpg (350 kB)
valve assembly

DSC_0351.jpg (348 kB)
valve assembly removed with rocker arm bracket spring clips

DSC_0353.jpg (351 kB)
push rods

DSC_0354.jpg (378 kB)
oil line connection, spark plug wire

DSC_0355.jpg (4074 kB)
top view of cylinder head

DSC_0356.jpg (337 kB)
fan assembly

DSC_0358.jpg (293 kB)
generator bolt to head

DSC_0359.jpg (316 kB)
generator bracket

DSC_0361.jpg (430 kB)

DSC_0372.jpg (328 kB)
head removed, valve assembly, cover, fan assembly

DSC_0374.jpg (426 kB)
head gasket