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Thanks to Michael Little of Phoenix, AZ, for supplying this catalog.

Used with permission of Autopoint, Inc.


Around 1980, businessmen in Janesville, WI, bought Autopoint from Gillette which had been manufacturing Autopoint pencils for about 10 years. They established Autopoint Janesville as a small business with few employees and a small-scale manufacturing and sales operations. In 1981, the new Autopoint company issued a catalog to advertise itself to the world

This is the second catalog issued by the new Autopoint Janesville company. It is accompanied with a Special Order Form and a cover letter signed by David Griffiths, the president.

Interestingly, Autopoint had resumed using product names in addition to Model numbers for its pencils. The “Twin Point” had been used for years to describe the double-ended pencils. Some were newly minted, like “the All American” for the popular 1000 Series pencils and “Jumbo” for the oversized pencils. Autopoint Janesville also added desk-top accessories and staplers using products made by other manufacturers.