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Crosscurrents: Land, Labor, and the Port. Textile Society of America's 15th Biennial Symposium. Savannah. GA. October 19-23. 2016.


Copyright 2016 by Bhatia Reena and Pawar Pooja.


The rich and beautiful products of the weavers of India have been rightly called “Exquisite poetry in colourful fabrics.” These beautiful traditional textiles were woven on the simple loom and the technique has been passed on through generations. However, many traditional weavers have either lost or are fast-loosing the essence and aesthetics of their indigenous crafts and craftsmanship. The researcher’s concern is for the preservation and revitalization of one such handloom heritage, the tribal cloth of Chotta Udepur, Gujarat, before it vanishes from our sight was high. Snow ball technique was used to draw a convenience sample. The data was collected through primary and secondary sources. Observation technique was used to know the process and technique of this indigenous weaving craft. Field visits brought to light that the fast track changes in all spheres of human existence have surely altered the craft conditions. The researcher contributed to the revitalization of the Tribal cloth through design and product development. The tribal cloth was given a new look with reference to its yarn count, fabric count, colours and design layout. The new layouts were woven by the weavers themselves on their existing pit loom without making any changes in the existing loom setting. The prepared products as per the layouts were test marketed and its results generated encouragement and sense of pride in the weavers for their craft.