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From Creating Textiles: Makers, Methods, Markets. Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Inc. New York, NY, September 23–26, 1998 (Earleville, MD: Textile Society of America, Inc., 1999).


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This site seminar will take you to the Larsen Design Studio where Jack Lenor Larsen has guided his company for the past 45 years. Mr. Larsen is currently retired and acts as a consultant, but the design process continues. This presentation will show the many processes and people involved in the creation of textiles for the interior design industry today. Each fabric is a combination of available technology, personal inspiration, and market demand. We will track the story of some significant Larsen classics from the creation of the original artwork through development decisions including materials, structure, color direction, price consideration, and technical setbacks. We will also tell you if the "best designed" fabrics ever sold in the market. The roles of different individuals and how decisions are made will be examined. Creating a textile for industry is far removed from the lone artist in the garret studio. From the designer / technician at the mill informing what yams or structures are possible, a freelance designer selling artwork, a design director creating, maintaining, and expanding on a "house style", to the input from sales staff and end users (architects and interior designers), there are many players on the team. You will be introduced to people at many of these steps.