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Textiles as Cultural Expressions: Proceedings of the 11th Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, September 24–27, 2008, Honolulu, Hawaii


Copyright 2008 by the author.


The manuscripts contained in this digital proceedings CD-ROM have been edited by formatting in MSWord to comply with the TSA 11th Biennial Symposium 2008: Digital Print Manuscript Guidelines while maintaining the substance of each presentation as submitted. Each paper was edited to a standard visual style of presentation. In very few cases manuscripts were edited for clarity and understanding as a written document for English readers. European and British English spellings and foreign words and markings were not changed or removed. Images were sized to fit the 10 page limit and no images were rejected. Authors retain copyright for their individual contributions; authors were advised of their responsibility to secure permissions for their reproduction of photographs. We acknowledge and thank all participants who submitted manuscripts. Special thanks to those authors who submitted manuscripts that conformed to the guidelines, making the editorial process a pleasure.

Within the CD-ROM proceedings, the papers are organized according to the sequence of the Program, which serves effectively as a Table of Contents with internal alphabetical hypertext links to authors' names and papers. Abstracts and bios are arranged alphabetically, linked by names and paper titles to the Program. The hybrid HTML format of this CD-ROM is the inspired product of Omnipress, where our colleagues have produced a virtual interlacing of authors' names, bios, abstracts, and papers with internal hypertext links. The CD is fully searchable by subject or keyword. Individual papers may be printed or e-mailed as PDF files.