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In Approaching Textiles, Varying Viewpoints: Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2000


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The speakers in this session approach the subject of computerized jacquard weaving through a labyrinth of related issues, examining the foundations of contemporary weave technology as linked to our personal directions as textile artists, researchers and design educators. In essence this session will analyze the subject from many angles, investigating the threads that link technology and hand process. Common to our diverse pathways is the understanding that art is complex and must grow from the spirit of its maker and not simply from the tools that make it.

Parallels Between Handwoven Tapestry and Electronic Jacquard Weaving

I learned hand-weaving in the mid-sixties at the Art Institute of Chicago, a period when art schools were steeped in the legacies of the Bauhaus. There, I began to learn about the significance of textiles in the daily life of world cultures as well as the satisfaction of arduous hand process and concept as they merge into textile art. I have continued to nurture this foundation over the years.