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Published in Textile Society of America 2014 Biennial Symposium Proceedings: New Directions: Examining the Past, Creating the Future, Los Angeles, California, September 10–14, 2014,


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As a textile artist in the 21st century, I continue to aspire to make art objects that are unique and timely, characteristic of my individual sensibility and experience. Using the latest digital tools - including the TC1(2) Single Thread Control loom - I strive to animate my woven forms through material interaction and a distinctive touch built on a foundation of research and practice - based in digital and hand craft.

In my weavings I explore relationships of abstract systems created with traditional and innovative textile coloring techniques, material contrasts, and the generative processing of the computer and digital loom. Some of these systems or patterns are mathematically precise - hard-edged and geometric - formed through the mechanical operation of the loom with its underlying matrix of perpendicular threads. Other motifs evolve through the application of color selectively applied to the threads (through painting or dye resists) prior to weaving, often in conjunction with the manipulation of threads inserted in the weft during the weaving process. The development of the relationships of these multiple networks is done on the computer where I make color decisions, design weave structures and determine compositional strategies. The final topography of pattern that emerges through the physical interlacement of warp and weft threads establishes a visual and textural complexity that results from this multi-faceted orchestration.

The transition from the virtual to the material engagement heightens my focus on the unique aspects of the process of weaving which marks time along the length of the warp as the linear elements unite and are transformed into a continuous field of pattern. Awareness of this evolution, allows me to develop a stronger relationship with the piece under construction, enhancing my sensibility for this distinctive language in a concrete and poetic way.

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