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Winter 2003


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Lillian Elliott Award Winners -- Sonoran You (2002), Frances Dorsey (1995), Marcie Miller Gross (1996), Kyoung Ae Cho (1997), Tomoko Ishida (1998), Sonya Clark (2000)
President's Letter -- Mary M. Dusenbury
Past Presidents Meeting
Member News: Susan Brandeis, Sonya Clark, Virginia Davis, Patricia Ewer, Elisha P. Renne, Mary A. Littrell, Marsha A. Dickson, Cynthia Schira,
Textile Archeology in Chia
Silk Road Tour
Yangtze Delta
In Memoriam: Cora Ginsburg, Charles Edmund Rossbach
Nominations R. L. Shep Award for Books published in 2002
IQSC Visiting Faculty Fellowships
Conference reviews: Southeast Asian Textiles (Linda McIntosh); Natural Dye Workshop with Ji-Hee Kim (Gwendolyn Hustvedt)
Exhibition review: Silk Dichotomies, Northampton Art Center (Patricia Malarcher)
Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies in Tucson
Palestine Costume Archive
Anne Binks Textile Study Collection
Conferences, Exhibitions, Lectures, Tours
Book reviews: Genzøe: A Danish Textileartist by Christian Ejlers (Desi Koslin); Indigo by Jenny Balfour-Paul; The Bluest Hands: A Social and Economic History of Women Dyers in Abeokuta (Nigeria) by Judith Byfield (Elisha P. Renne)