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Letter from the Editor

The Milton Sonday Archives

Letter from the President

Call for Submissions: 2018 Biennial Symposium: The Social Fabric: Deep Local to Pan Global, Vancouver, Canada, September 19–23, 2018

TSA News:
Textiles Close Up: Save the Date: Announcing Textiles Close Up 2017; Creative Reuse: Textile Waste and Contemporary Design
Fellows of the Textile Society of America
R. L. Shep Ethnic Textile Book Award 2016 Nominees
Symposium Workshop Reviews: Kalamkari: Contemporary Natural Dye Painting; Greeting the Ancestors of Blue: Some Reflections on Working with Ossabaw Island Indigo

Steps Towards Decolonizing Craft

Book Reviews:
Texts and Textiles: Affect, Synaesthesia and Metaphor in Fiction
Molas: Dress, Identity, Culture
Fabricating the Tenjukoku Shūchō Mandara and Prince Shōtoku’s Afterlives
Muslin: Our Story and Unbroken Thread: Banarasi Brocade Saris at Home and in the World
Phulkari: The Embroidered Textiles of Punjab from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection

Weaving Stories: Sadu Weaving of Kuwait

In Memoriam: Barbara Goldberg

Featured Exhibitions:
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
form & concept, Santa Fe, New Mexico

International Report:
Conservación y Restauración en la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos: Lima, Perú
Recovery of Textile Techniques from Pre-Hispanic Peru

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