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Let Ters From Art The Wildlife Society Annual Conference Is Approaching Fast; Call For Manuscri PTS Issue of Human-Wildlife Conflicts To Focus On Large Predators; Wildlife Damage Working Group Business Proposed Change to Wildlife Damage Managmenet Working Group Charter; C All For Papers : International Beaver Ecology And Management Workshop Phoenix, Arizona October 9-12, 2007; Focus On The Field Agnic Wildlife Damage Management; Calls From The Field (Or A House, Or A Farm, Or A…); Humane Society Getting Into the Private Nuiance Wildlife Control Business; Call For Papers : 23rd Vertebrate Pest Confrence March 17-20, 2008 San Diego, California; Fall 2007 Issue Of Human-Wildlife Conflicts Now Available Special Topic: Feral Swine; Human-Wildlife Conflict in the News; Recent Wildlife Damage Management Research; The Wildlife Society Wildlife Damage Management Working Group; Upcoming Meetings, Conferences, And Events