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UCARE Symposium, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2020.


Copyright 2020 Anna Barent, Katie Meinders, Daniel Gutzmann, and Audrey L. Atkin


The purposeof this work was to examine conservation of miR-29b and its binding sites in target mRNAs as well as co-expression of bta-miR-29b in bovine milk exosomes and its target mRNAs in HEK293 cells

•miRNAs are often highly conserved across species and bind to target mRNAs resulting in decreased gene expression. •Bovine milk exosomes contain miRNAs and most of these miRNAs are identical to human miRNAs. •Because these miRNAs are so conserved, it is hypothesized that bovine miRNAs can regulate gene expression and be linked to disease risk.

•miR-29b is highly conserved. •Identified 17 experimentally validated miR-29b target mRNAs. •The Col1A1 mRNA has a highly conserved miR-29b binding site. •Conservation of these miRNAs and their target sites suggests that bovine miRNAs delivered into human cells by exosomes through the consumption of cow’s milk, have the potential to regulate human gene expression. •miR-29b is linked to obesity in humans.