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Spring 4-14-2020

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Poster presentation, UCARE Research Symposium, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2020.


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Culture is one of the most important aspects of a human being, it shapes our behavior and identity since we are born. It is our lifestyle and it refers to many aspects such as the language we use, our values, traditions, beliefs, etc. Cultural diversity is one of the aspects communities nowadays emphasize the most, they want people to be mindful and respectful of the different cultures represented within the community itself. This creative project examines Latin American art, particularly Indigenous Colombian art as a source of inspiration for the creation of a series of artworks. This project aims to show a glimpse of Colombian arts and culture to an audience not acquainted with it in order to increase cultural awareness and knowledge, contributing to diversity in the community. Considering a variety of Colombian tribes such as Okaina, Pastos, Embera, Tule, Sikuani, Wayuu, Ticunas, and Ingas. With that said, this project questions: How does one gain inspiration from cultural backgrounds? In what ways does the artwork created by Native tribes in Colombia represent the country’s history and characteristics? What’s the purpose of each symbol used in the tribe’s artwork? How does one communicate their own culture effectively through artwork? What aspects of one's culture are important for the audience? What is the importance of communicating my own culture to a culture not acquainted with it? The following creative project emphasizes these tribes’ ancestry, history, purpose, and traditions; with the objective of creating artwork inspired by these tribes giving them a voice in a community were the are underrepresented and/or unknown. The project will give us a deep look into the tribe’s traditions and artistic techniques, expanding the cultural awareness within the community. The result of the research will be measured by the completion of a full series of works that would be able to represent each tribe researched. As well as a written work which will include the research made with comparisons of the artwork with the Native Tribes artistic techniques.