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Poster presentation, UCARE Research Fair, Spring 2020, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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The purpose of this study is to further the progress of annotating and sharing renowned Nebraskan author Willa Cather’s correspondence through digital means. I will do this by assisting the current team at the Willa Cather Archive with their project titled The Complete Letters of Willa Cather. The team behind this project has made about 1,600 letters available to the public, and they estimate that by 2022 over 3,000 letters will be accessible through their website. Many libraries, foundations, and collections throughout the United States have cooperated with the project to allow Cather’s work and life to be understood more thoroughly. Although Cather’s will from 1943 initially stated that her correspondence was not to be published, the Willa Cather Trust changed this policy in 2011. With this decision, the project I have been working on since the fall of 2018 was born so that readers and scholars of Cather’s writing could have the opportunity to learn more about her not only as an accomplished author, but also as a family member, friend, and an independent thinker. The project has finished the first stage and is in the first half of stage two. This means hundreds of new letters will need to be encoded, researched, and annotated before they can be published as part of the edition.