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Spring 4-14-2020

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Poster presentation, UCARE Research Fair, Spring 2020, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Wicking remains the enigmatic key factor in many research areas. From boiling in power plants, to anti-icing on plane wings, to medical instruments, to heat pipes, efficiency and safety depend on how quickly a surface becomes wet. Yet wicking remains difficult to quantify and define as a property of the surface. This experiment strives to measure the wicking property by examining the rate that a liquid can be pulled out of a container. A superhydrophilic surface is placed in contact with the liquid at the bottom of a tube so that the volume flow rate across the surface can be monitored by a camera. By tracking the liquid level in the tube as a function of time, the wicking property of the surface can be quantified. Different tube sizes were compared to ensure that a property of the surface was being accurately measured.