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Spring 2016

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M. H. Castle, B. D. Lubben, J. D. Luck, Precision Agriculture and Big Farm Data: Producer Adoption and Opinions, UNL Digital Commons, 2016.


Copyright (c) 2016 Michael H. Castle, Bradley D. Lubben, Joe D. Luck


Using scarce resources to feed an ever-increasing world population in the climate of increasingly-volatile commodity prices has charged producers with the task of becoming more efficient. The answer to these problems may lie within technological advancements, through the usage of precision agriculture and the “big” data these technologies are capable of producing. These technologies are expected to have an enormous impact that could effectively allow farmers to produce more with less. As such, research regarding producer adoption and opinions of the technology are of great relevance. Furthermore, there is great debate over the data produced by these technologies; with the success of data analytics in other industries, many see it as the future of agriculture. However, the potential benefits of this data come with just as many challenges, from not knowing what to do with the data to concerns over ownership, privacy, and security. This study seeks to inform the debate by providing timely empirical results of producers’ concerns on the topic.