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Buresh T. Molecular Combing of DNA Nanofibers and Comparison to Electrospinning. Poster session presented at: Undergraduate Poster Session. UNL Spring Research Fair. 2016 April 13; Lincoln, NE.


Copyright (c) 2016 Tanner Buresh


The goal of these experiments was to create DNA nanofibers through the method of molecular combing (MC) and then compare the MC fibers to fibers created with electrospinning (ES). The experiment was designed and initial samples were created. After confirming that the method would succeed in creating DNA fibers, several parametric studies were performed in order to optimize the experiment and create the most uniform fibers possible. The parametric studies were done on the following variables: substrate material, pH level of DNA solution, and DNA solution concentration. After completion of all experiments, it was determined that although fibers could be created using molecular combing, they could not be made as long or as uniform as fibers created with electrospinning.