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Biomimetic Modeling of Preeclamptic Conditions

Noha Algahimi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Copyright 2020 by the authors.


Background: •Preeclampsia is a condition often diagnosed around 20 weeks of pregnancy •Preeclampsia results in 18% of US maternal deaths and 15% of premature US births •Results in high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, and breathing difficulties Hypothesis: Placental stiffness shares a direct correlation with the adverse progression of preeclampsia. Aims/Objectives: •Characterize the relationship between stiffness and alterations to placental cell morphology, metabolism, and function

Morphology: Once the plates have been seeded they are monitored for several days, when they reach adequate confluence they are imaged for changes in morphology. The images show cell elongation with increasing stiffness.