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Spring 4-13-2016

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Rasmussen CM, Cesar GM, Takahashi S. Identification of kinematic and kinetic injury risk predictors in division I football athletes. Poster session presented at: Undergraduate student poster session. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Fair; 2016 Apr 13; Lincoln, NE.


Copyright © 2016 Corbin M. Rasmussen, Guilherme M. Cesar, & Shinya Takahashi


biomechanical patterns and insufficiencies that may influence risk of ligamentous injury, such as an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. One kinematic pattern that has been identified as detrimental to ACL integrity is frontal plane knee collapse (valgus) during jumping and landing tasks.1 Inter-limb differences in force generation have also been connected to the occurrence of lower extremity injury.2 It is not known, however, whether these patterns contribute to the occurrence of lower extremity (LE) non-contact soft-tissue injury. The counter-movement vertical jump (CMVJ) is one way to simultaneously screen for knee collapse and asymmetrical force production patterns. This method was therefore utilized.