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UCARE Poster session, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Fair, April 2016, Lincoln, NE.


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The Simple Argument 1. It Is good to save someone’s life, if and only if it is a life worth living. 2. When we save someone’s life we are merely extending their life. 3. If saving a life is good, and saving a life is identical in all relevant characteristics to extending a life, then extending a life must be good. 4. Surely, if extending a life by a limited period is good, then extending a life for an indefinite period would create a vast amount of good. 5. Therefore, extending a life worth living indefinitely is good.

The Life Shape Hypothesis claims that the value of a life is at least partially determined by its shape of good events. If someone were to have her life extended indefinitely, then, in most cases, there would not be a discernible shape. Does indefinite life extensions eliminate the value that could have been captured by having a certain shape?

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