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October 1905


Published in University Studies, vol. 5, no. 4, October 1905, pp. 271-345.


Introduction. Origin and scope of paper. Data on new cases in North America. Cases of Filaria loa on record. List of genuine cases. Cases wrongly assigned to Filaria loa. Morphology of Filaria loa. Structure of the parasite. Life history. Taxonomy. Geographical distribution. Pathology of Filaria loa. Seat of the parasite. Effects on the host. Calabar swellings. Clinical data. Case of Milroy. Case of Lota. Critical bibliography of Filaria loa. Annotated list of references.

In February, 1902, Dr. W. F. Milroy, of Omaha, brought me a specimen in alcohol which he had just removed from the eye of a patient and which he believed to belong to the rare and interesting African species, Filaria loa. He expressed a desire that I make a more precise examination of the specimen and that our results be included in a joint communication. The study of this specimen demonstrated that it was in fact Filaria loa and disclosed some interesting features in the anatomy which, together with Dr. Milroy's clinical observations, were presented before the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1902. Circumstances have delayed the appearance of the final paper beyond all expectation, and meantime a contribution by Looss (1904) has dealt with the anatomy of this species so fully as to cover all the points I had worked out. Indeed the admirable work of this author sets the limits for anatomical studies for many years to come, Accordingly, the part of this contribution dealing with the anatomy has been reduced to a brief summary.

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