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University of Nebraska Studies: New Series no. 8


Published by The University at Lincoln


The Gunnison Quadrangle is in central Utah approximately 130 miles south of Salt Lake City at the juncture of the Sevier and Sanpete valleys (see fig. 1). The quadrangle is bounded by 39°00' and 39° 15'N. Lat. and III °45' and 112°00' W. Long. Parts of both Sevier and Sanpete counties are included.

The Gunnison Quadrangle is considered important geologically because it lies athwart the juncture of the Sevier and Sanpete valleys and includes portions of three major structural and physiographic units-the Wasatch Plateau, the Gunnison Plateau, and the Valley Mountains. Two of these, the Gunnison Plateau and the Valley Mountains, were virtually unknown geologically prior to the beginning of this investigation. The present report is a description of the geology of the Gunnison Quadrangle. Wherever possible, an attempt has been made to show relations between these major geologic units and between them and adjacent regions. A minor structural and topographic feature, hereafter referred to as the Redmond Hills, ·is also included in the quadrangle.

The data in the report pertaining to the Gunnison Quadrangle and adjacent areas to the west were collected by the writer chiefly during the summers of 1946 and 1947. Additional information was obtained during the summers of 1949 and 1950. The field work was supplemented by laboratory work during the academic years of 1946- 1947 and 1947-1948.