University Studies of the University of Nebraska


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University of Nebraska Studies: New Series no. 49


Published by The University at Lincoln




1. Blake, Gordon J., "Reasons for Entry into and Exit from Small Business, Farming and Ranching in Buffalo County, Nebraska, Since 1946," PhD, UN, '70, 216 p, ac. Information secured from farmers, ranchers, and small business· men rather than census reports; retirement and death chief reasons for abandoning farms while those who entered did so because they liked that type of life.

2. Bowden, Martyn John, "Changes in Land Use in Jefferson County, Nebraska, 1857-1957," MA, UN, '59, 227p, c. Both quantitative and qualitative approach to land use; extensive bibliography.

3. Bush, Ralph Frederick, "Trends of Adjustment of Size of Farming Units in Nebraska," MA, UN, '39, 119p, cm.

The size of farming units increase during periods of prosperity while the opposite is true during depressions.

4. Collett, Clinton Ellsworth, "The Agriculture Geography of Fillmore County, Nebraska," MA, UN, '17, 38p, cim.

Locates various soil types and indicates crop most suitable for each; also a brief history of the county.

5. Cornelius, Grant Leland, "Availability of Farm Land to Beginning and Established Farm Operators in Johnson County, Nebraska, MA, UN, '56, 65p, ac.

Part of Nebraska Agriculture Experiment Station Project 487. Compares characteristics of beginning with established farm operators; based on questionnaires sent to county committeemen.

6. Fitzgerald, Denis Patrick, "The Transitional Character of the Farm Landscape of Central Nebraska," MA, UN, '59, 243p, cmp.

Deals with Boone, Nance, Garfield, Greeley, Valley, and Wheeler counties.

7. Fox, John G., "County Commissioners' and County Extension Board Members' Perception of the Nebraska Extension Service," EdM, ColoSU, '68, ll8p, ac.

8. Grady, Gilbert Dean, "Farm Tenancies in Nebraska," MS, UN, '65, 162p, ac.

A study of the legal and economic aspects of prevailing types of leases in use.

9. Hayes, Frank Albert, "Agricultural Geography of Dawes County, Nebraska," MA, UN, '16, 31p, c.

Describes the various physiographic regions and type of agriculture practiced in each.

10. Hervey, Jackie Lee, "The Analysis of the Components of Change in Number of Farmers in the North Central States, 1910- 1959," MS, UN, 62, 88p, aci.

Covers area from Ohio on the east to Kansas and Nebraska on west; Boone, Custer, Greeley, Howard, Sherman, and Valley counties in Nebraska examined.