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Board of Regents, University of Nebraska



I. Introduction and Report Scope

A. Our operating premises

B. This report and its organization

II. Historical Context and Cultural Legacy

A. Early in its history, the University of Nebraska was known as one of the great public American universities

B. UNL rests upon a cultural foundation that began with “an atmosphere of endeavor and bright hopefulness”

C. Principles of inclusion and access underlie the University’s culture

D. UNL and the state have a strong tradition in the humanities

E. The professional colleges have made UNL unique in the state

F. UNL has traditionally had strong research and teaching missions

G. UNL’s culture has been shaped by strong faculty leadership and a rich tradition of shared university governance

H. The land grant mission and the University’s tradition for addressing real world problems contribute to the University’s culture

I. The natural resources of the state and the production of food make important contributions to the state and the University culture

J. UNL has a strong, supportive and unique relationship with the citizens of the state

III. Current Assessment

A. Research productivity and impact

B. Balancing teaching and research

C. State resources and support

D. Qualitative elements of the UNL research and graduate environment