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Published by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, May 2014. Made available by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The six documents contained within are also included in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln On-line Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins.

This Students Code of Conduct was superseded by the August 14, 2020 Student Code of Conduct.

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Copyright 2014, University of Nebraska Board of Regents. Used by permission.


Student Code of Conduct


The community of scholars at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is dedicated to personal growth and academic excellence. By choosing to join the community, each member agrees to comply with certain standards of civilized behavior; and therefore, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln adopts this Student Code of Conduct, in order that it might: (1) promote a campus environment that supports its educational, research, and outreach missions; (2) protect the members of the community and its resources from disruption and harm; (3) provide a guide to appropriate individual and group behavior; and (4) foster ethical standards and civic virtues, all in keeping with the STUDENT STATEMENT OF VALUES adopted by the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on January 15, 2014.

All allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking are investigated and addressed following the procedures set forth in the “University of Nebraska-Lincoln Response to Allegations of Student Sexual Conduct”, adopted pursuant to Board of Regents Policy 5.3.3, attached to this Student Code as Appendix “A,” or as Appendix "A" may be hereafter amended.