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U.S. Army Engineer District, Omaha Corps of Engineers Omaha, NE, January 1967


This final report on the floods of June 1965 in the South Platte River Basin in Colorado and Nebraska is made in compliance with paragraph 172.80 of EM 500-1-1. A previous report was submitted to the Chief of Engineers on 10 August 1965 in response to a request from a subcommittee of the House Public Works Committee, entitled, "The Colorado and Kansas Floods of June 1965 - Report of the Special Subcommittee to Inspect Flooded Areas in Colorado and Kansas to the Committee on Public Works, House of Representatives, June 1965."

This report provides a more extensive record of the meteorological conditions of the flood producing storm, the hydrologic data of rainfall and flood discharges, the extent and magnitude of flooding and the economic damages and social impact caused by the floods. It is intended that the report serve as a source of information on flooding characteristics and damage potentials for public officials and private interests.