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Rocky Mountain Arsenal Information Center, January 1961.


This report is a final follow-up to a preliminary study done by the corps of engineers: preliminary study ground water contamination, RMA, 11 May 1960. Basic requirements for this study as outlined by the chemical corps included the following: 1. Plan for correction of contamination, 2. Determination of nature and extent of contamination, 3. Description and nature of phytotoxicants, 4. Determination of animal toxicity, and 5. Supplementary method of waste disposal. During the preparation of this report, chemical COPRS. Implied that the total responsibility for the combined efforts of all agencies involved in this work has been assigned to the corps of engineers, though no specific instructions to this effect have ever been received. Though there are problems to be solved, all efforts of all agencies are aimed at the final solution of the paramount problem: decontamination of the aquifer.