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Published in District News: Special Edition (1987) 11(2): 64 pages.


Fifty years ago, thousands gathered on the Fort Peck Dam to witness its closure-a major milestone along the road leading to completion of the largest hydraulic fill dam in the world.

That moment was the symbolic beginning of the great legacy known as the Pick-Sloan Plan, which includes the six mainstem dams on the Missouri River.

Many of those who were party to this great undertaking will join with us in this Golden Anniversary year to reflect on the opportunities provided for employment during the Depression, and as the ~ginning of successful careers that led them across the country.

These people embodied the pioneer spirit as they sought opportunity in a remote area of our nation.

They are symbols of dedication, hope and achievement to those of us who now carry the torch, ever mindful of the proud heritage of the Omaha District.

The 50th Anniversary of the dam's closure is an appropriate time to reflect on the magnitude of what was achieved in those early years on the barren prairies of northeastern Montana.

The builders overcame the suffering synonymous with the Great Depression, not to mention brutal weather and engineering obstacles that might have discouraged those with less backbone or mettle.

Fort Peck stands as a symbol of what made our country the greatest country in the world-determination, drive and the ability to overcome all obstacles.

The mightiness of human will is the real core of the Fort Peck Dam.