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Missouri River Flood Task Force Meeting, May 24, 2012
Flood Risk and Floodplain Management Section
USACE-Omaha District


Historic Flooding along Missouri River • long duration • large discharges • high stages • high velocities • levee breaches • levee erosion • excessive damages • recurring damage locations

Conceptual Levee Setbacks • alternative to repairs in-place • risk based assessment • flood risk considerations: reduced damages; sustainable; reliable

Levee Setbacks are a localized realignment using risk based levee design

Levee Setbacks are not the complete removal of levee systems or the complete realignment of levee systems

Setback results in ~50% increase in level of protection on L-550 and L-575

Setback results in ~100% increase in levee level of protection on adjacent levee systems

Reduced Probability of Flooding = Reduced Risk

A Flood Risk Question: If we continue to do what we have always done, why would we expect different results?