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This action plan was prepared by the Devils Lake Collaborative Working Group (DLCWG) to provide the current status of the 21 actions identified in the December 2010 “Report of the Federal Interagency Devils Lake Working Group” and outline additional revisions and actions to address the changing situation in the basin. The DLCWG was identified as one of the 21 actions within the December 2010 report. The DLCWG represents basin stakeholders and is tasked with developing and recommending direction and actions to the Devils Lake Executive Committee (DLEC), which was also identified in the report. Members of the committee include senior working staff from Federal, tribal, State, local government, the International Joint Commission (IJC) (observer status), Canada (observer status), and NGOs (observer status). This action plan was identified as one of the first products for the DLCWG to prepare for the DLEC. The initial meeting of the DLEC was held on 7 March 2011 in Bismarck, North Dakota. At this meeting, the DLEC designated lead federal and state or tribal agencies for each of the 21 actions. A second meeting was held on 4 April in Bismarck, where the set of action items were modified and clarified. The initial list of actions can be found in the December 2010 report. The initial meeting of the DLCWG was held on 29 March 2011 in Devils Lake. The main purposes of the meeting were to review the 21 action items, discuss the status of these action items, modify, delete or add action items as necessary, and assign individuals to prepare portions of the draft report. A second meeting of the DLCWG was held on 27 April in Devils Lake. As a result of discussions at these meeting and subsequent recommendations from DLCWG members, modifications to the action were made as noted in Table 1. This table also includes a summary of the required federal funding and remarks. The action plan was approved at the June 13, 2011, DLEC meeting subject to revisions which are incorporated into this plan. Additional comments from DLEC members regarding this plan are attached in Appendix A.