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Published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (1985) 1-6


The Omaha District Corps of Engineers proposes to undertake maintenance of bank stabilization structures and streambank erosion control structures along the Missouri River. One project would involve about 50 repairs of revetments, hardpoints, and refusals along the Missouri National Recreational River (MNRR) reach, Gavins Point Dam to Ponca, Nebraska (river mile 810-750). The second project would involve about 250 repairs of dikes and revetments along the navigation channel from Florence Bend through Rulo Bend (river miles 627-498).

The interior least tern is being Federally listed as an endangered species. The tern has a history of use of the Missouri River, especially in the MNRR reach. The piping plover is proposed for listing as a threatened species in this area. The plovers exhibit nearly the same nesting and brooding requirements as the terns. This biological assessment is done to determine whether any adverse effect is likely to occur to the tern and plover as a result of the proposed work.

After consultation with several State and Federal wildlife agencies and after research of available material, we have reached an opinion of no effect on least terns and piping plovers.