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Published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (1992) 1-9


The corps of Engineers has received funding for the rehabilitation of the section 32 erosion control projects along the Missouri National Recreational River (MNRR). The project rehabilitation work is as outlined on the attached construction schedule.

Since the Fish & WIldlife's biological opinion on the section 32 program dated March 10, 1980, additional species that may occur in the program area have been listed, including the interior least tern, piping plover, the American burying beetle, and the pallid sturgeon.

The American burying beetle is listed as a federally endangered species in South Dakota. Extant populations are known to occur only in Oklahoma and on an island off the coast of New England. The proposed project is on the fringe of the burying beetles' range. No beetles were caught in recent trapping efforts in eastern South Dakota. Two beetles were recently found at the Valentine National wildlife Refuge. until then, other efforts in Nebraska to trap the beetles had also been unsuccessful. It is not expected that the project will affect the American burying beetle because it is extremely unlikely that any exist in the vicinity.