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Published by the Siouzland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) (1983) 1-82


This is a maj or portion of the Final Report of Proposal/Grant 033-8016378, National Science Foundation. The author is a Public Service Science Resident working under the Science for Citizens Program, in the Division of Intergovernmental and Public Service Science and Technology of NSF. The host or sponsoring organization in which the Resident is housed is the Siouxland Interstate Metropolitall Planning Council (SIMPCO) in Sioux City, Iowa.

The Title of the Grant is "Development of Environmentally Acceptable Land Use Options in a Recreation River Stretch of the Middle Missouri River."

After the various options were collected and considered via library research and discussions with knowledgeable professionals and governmental -specialists-, a series of citizen public education meetings was planned and conducted with the goal of presenting all reasonable or possible options for the future development of a 58 mile stretch of the Missouri River which has been desi gnated by the federal government as the Missouri National Recreation River. After the presentation, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire which summarized the options and gave them an opportunity to express their opinions concerning the future development of the river and choose those options which they felt to be most desirable for the future. These questionnaires were then compiled and summarized and the results constitute the major body of this report.