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Prepared for the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service, Interagency Archeological Services-Denver, under Contract Number C53011(80); Funding provided through the Omaha District, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha (1981) 1-292.


An inventory of known and identifiable cultural resources referrable to Native American populations was undertaken for a corridor along the new Missouri National Recreational River, roughly from Gavin's Foint Dam to Ponca, Nebraska. These resources included archaeological sites and collections, ethnographic and ethnohistorical data and relevant environmental background information. Using these data the Native American occupation of the Missouri National Recreational River area was synthesized into a regional overview which stresses culture-historical developments and changing adaptations to the natural environment. Problems for continuing research utilizing existing archaeological collections were developed, and recommendations for continued field work to fill in gaps in existing knowledge were made. Finally, a number of management suggestions were formulated with regard to the ongoing operation of the Missouri National Recreational River area, most important of which is the recommendation that a site of some significance be acquired and developed as a focal point for interpretive and educational efforts anticipated in the future.

Note (April 2013): This document is now complete, including pages 179-292, previously unrepresented.