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Published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Missouri River Division (1977) 1-569


The purpose of this study is to investigate a wide range of water resources problems and opportunities all having in common some link with the Missouri River. A number of outstanding, interrelated Congressional actions affecting the river reach upstream from Sioux City have been consolidated under this investigation. Authority to combine five outstanding surveys is contained in Office, Chief of Engineers' (DCE's) first indorsement to Missouri River Division letter of 3 July 1972, subject: "Consolidation of Survey Investigations of the Metropolitan Region of Kansas City, the Platte River in Nebraska, and the Missouri River from Sioux City to Fort Peck Lake." Authority to include a sixth survey of the Missouri River is contained in OCE's letter of 10 September 1973, subject: "Review Report on Water and Related Land Resources Development for the Missouri River, Fort Peck Reservoir to Vicinity of Fort Benton, Montana." Study of the Buford-Trenton Irrigation District and Vicinity was added by OCE first indorsement to MRD letter of 31 March 1976, subject: "Consolidation of Survey Investigations." Finally, an OCE letter dated 23 March 1977, subject: "Fort Randall Project, South Dakota", directed MRD to combine an outstanding survey investigation on modification of operations at that project with this report.