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Published in International Journal of Impact Engineering, 38, (2011), 219-227


Axial tension and transverse compression experiments on single fibers were performed to investigate the mechanical behavior of three high-performance fibers (Kevlar ®, Kevlar ® 129, and Twaron ®) with diameters in the order of 9-12 μm. The single fibers were manufactured from 1998 through 2008. A miniaturized tensile Kolsky bar was used to determine the tensile response of PPTA single fibers at a high strain rate. Gage length and strain rate were found to have minimum effects on the tensile strength of PPTA single fibers. Manufacturing time over a decade was found to have negligible effects on the tensile strength of the fibers. Initial transverse compression on the fibers reduces their ultimate tensile strengths. A high resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) was also used to examine the fracture modes of transversely deformed fibers. Different types of fracture morphology were observed.