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DARPD 381-2


The National Archives delivered this copy of the directive to Robert L Bolin.


Reorganization Planning Directives (DA RPDs) were a specialized orders used by Army Chief of Staff George Decker to instruct the staff and components of the US Army concerning the reorganization of the armed forces set in motion by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

DA RPD 10-1, Department of the Army Reorganization Plan, 19 March 1962) [ http://www.whs.mil/library/Dig/darpd10-1.pdf ] outlined the general reorganization of the Army.

This directive provided for reorganization of “functions, responsibilities, and resources…” for “…production of technical, area analysis, and order of battle intelligence within the Department of the Army…” The intelligence functions within the Office of the Surgeon General of the Army were specifically exempted from the provisions of this directive.

Specifically, the directive provided for:
Establishment of a Foreign Science and Technology Center within the Army Materiel Command and the transfer of technical intelligence functions to that organization.
Establishment of an Area Analysis Intelligence Agency (AAIA) in the Corps of Engineers and the transfer area analysis to that organization.
Transfer of Order of battle intelligence functions the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence.