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The minimum unambiguous citation for this manual is TM5-248, July 1946.


(1) This is a digital copy of a manual loaned by the University of Iowa.

(2) This manual superseded TM 5-250 (Tentative), Use of Foreign Maps, 5 November 1942.

(3) Because the Army reuses document numbers and titles, the date is essential for identifying any given document.


This manual is intended to help personnel using foreign maps. It contains guidelines for evaluating foreign maps. It contains summary information about the mapping systems of countries, primarily participants in World War II, along with samples of foreign maps. Several pages each are given to:

(a) British Military Maps

(b) French Military Maps

(c) German Military Maps

(d) Italian Military Maps

(e) Russian Military Maps

(f) Japanese Topographic Maps

(g) Chinese Military Maps

Mention is made of military maps from other countries in the Far East, Western Europe, Central Europe, Scandinavia, and the Balkans.

The appendices include various types for reference data and conversion tables, examples of legends of British maps, and an Index.

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