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Published in Journal of General Virology (1996),77,1913-1923


The Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus (Ld/V/NPV) gene encoding the 25K FP protein has been cloned and sequenced. The 25KFP gene codes for a 217 amino acid protein with a predicted molecular mass of 24870 Da. Expression of the 25K FP protein in a rabbit reticulocyte system generated a 27 kDa protein, in close agreement with the molecular mass predicted from the nucleotide sequence. The gene is located between 40"3 and 40.8 map units on the viral genome. It is transcribed in a counterclockwise direction with respect to the circular map at late times during the infection cycle from a consensus baculovirus late promoter. The Ld/V/NPV and Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) 25K FP proteins exhibit 52 % amino acid identity with several regions showing greater than 75% identity. Homologues to the Ach/NPV orf59 and orf60 were also identified upstream (with respect to the genome) of the 25K FP gene in Ldh/NPV and exhibit 52% and 45% amino acid identity, respectively.