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An Inventory of Geothermal Resources in Nebraska

William D. Gosnold
Duane A. Eversoll

Document Type Article

Published by Office of Scientific and Technical information
United States Department of Energy
Work Performed Under Contract No. AS07-79ET27205


The goal of the State Coupled Resource Assessment Program is to identify and evaluate geothermal resources in the state, particularly low-temperature potential. Eight tasks were identified and documented in this report as follows:
TASK ONE: Bottom-hole Temperature Survey
TASK TWO: Heat Flow and Temperature Gradient Survey
TASK THREE: Data Translation studies
TASK FOUR: Gravity Data
TASK FIVE: Substate Regions
TASK SIX: Information Dissemination
Heat Flow and Temperature Gradient Survey
TASK SEVEN: State Geothermal Map

The project had three major products; (1) a map "Geothermal Resources of Nebraska,” (2) a significant amount of thermal data collected and documented within the state, and (3) a series of publications, presentations and meetings (documented as an Appendix).