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U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFSAFSC- 193, 258 p


This report provides information on the marine mammal stocks of Alaska under the jurisdiction of the National Marine Fisheries Service. Each stock assessment includes, when available, a description of the stock’s geographic range, a minimum population estimate, current population trends, current and maximum net productivity rates, optimum sustainable population levels and allowable removal levels, and estimates of annual human-caused mortality and serious injury through interactions with commercial fisheries and subsistence hunters. These data will be used to evaluate the progress of each fishery towards achieving the MMPA’s goal of zero fishery-related mortality and serious injury of marine mammals. The Stock Assessment Reports should be considered working documents, as they are updated as new information becomes available. The Stock Assessment Reports were originally developed in 1995 (Small and DeMaster 1995). Revisions have been published for the following years: 1996 (Hill et al. 1997), 1998 (Hill and DeMaster 1998), 1999 (Hill and DeMaster 1999), 2000 (Ferrero et al. 2000), 2001 (Angliss et al. 2001), 2002 (Angliss and Lodge 2002), 2003 (Angliss and Lodge 2004), 2005 (Angliss and Outlaw 2005), 2006 (Angliss and Outlaw 2006), and 2007 (Angliss and Outlaw 2008). Each stock assessment report is designed to stand alone and is updated as new information becomes available. The MMPA requires stock assessment reports to be reviewed annually for stocks designated as strategic, annually for stocks where there are significant new information available, and at least once every 3 years for all other stocks. New information for all strategic stocks (Steller sea lions, northern fur seals, Cook Inlet beluga whales, AT1 transient killer whales, harbor porpoises, sperm whales, humpback whales, fin whales, North Pacific right whales, and bowhead whales), were reviewed in 2007-2008. This review, and a review of other stocks, led to the revision of the following stock assessments for the 2008 document: Steller sea lion (western and eastern U.S. stocks), northern fur seal, beluga whale (Beaufort Sea, Eastern Chukchi Sea, Eastern Bering Sea, Bristol Bay, and Cook Inlet stocks), killer whale (AT1 transient), harbor porpoise (southeast Alaska, Gulf of Alaska, and Bering Sea stocks), sperm whale, gray whale, central and western stocks of humpback whales, fin whale, North Pacific right whale, and bowhead whale. The stock assessment reports for all stocks, however, are included in this document to provide a complete reference. Those sections of each stock assessment report containing significant changes are listed in Appendix Table 1. The authors solicit any new information or comments which would improve future stock assessment reports. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has management authority for polar bears, sea otters and walrus. Copies of the stock assessments for these species are included in this NMFS Stock Assessment Report for your convenience.